Digital Handwriting
The name speaks love into existence
How I dream about our embrace
To feel our lips and hearts as One
This heart shaped puzzle, these energies 
Unlocking the nature of life
Tarot 5 of no-thingness
Burning shadows of 7  awareness
Receptive to 13 triangle lotus
Guided intuitive angelic fractals
Third frequencies attune to whole
Yin Yang interactive improvisation
Reflections on innocence
Children crawling Earth together
Transparent faces revealing awe
Full of vibrant health and laughter
Giggle with mouthfuls of bubbles
The warmth of companionship
In a cosmic nonlinear connection
Between the Soul it’s is-ness
Reconized in faces as infinite mirrors
Telepathic Integration
Sharing messages without verbalization 
Receiving mental and spiritual transmission
Perceive with commonalities and connection
A stimulation of neutal networks
Spiritual centers relate through energies

Animals and Plants
Exchanges of energetic magnetism
Reception to all levels of consciousness
Love is the common message
Love is our metaspiritual path
Knowing all life, existence, experience
Holds a level of consciouness
That can be made accessible with spirit
III to III contact
Here to be. Here to have fun and be in Love
To share and create and transmute energies
Invigorated from the goddess magic
Nourishing the muses & knowing what’s Real
Appreciating all the subtleties of living
Patience in romance and spontaneous flows
Developing and adapting with awareness
Learning with, forgiving, respecting the self
Creating paradigms based on love and peace
Understanding the power of language
Indoctrinated in the language of silence

Transmuting the free will of Love
Holding space for fluid sexual nature
Embodiment of the self
Bursting heart spilling over with light
Compassionate dialogues
Harmonizing bodies positive affirmations
Replenishing each chakra center
Pulling energies up and down the spine
To charge the highest self
With the root in strong foundation